Chinese - Mandarin


Ni Hao!

This class is an introduction to the oral and written forms of the Chinese language. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, everyday situations, and demonstration of understanding the interrelationship between language and culture.

Culturally authentic materials including a variety of Chinese cuisine, major festivals, music, calligraphy, origami and newspaper articles are integral to the course. Chinese is the language for today and tomorrow in any field and daily life. The students will learn how to use “Pinyin” phonetic system, cardinal numbers as well as basic greetings in restaurants, traveling and business meetings. Students will recognize simple street signs and business cards to become informed and sensitive to Chinese culture.


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The instructor, Louise Cheng, is a master teacher of Chinese language and culture. She has a MS in Chinese-English Bilingual Education. She has taught Chinese at New York University and Ridgewood High School in NJ for 22 years. She has offered her professional advice to World Language Supervisors in NJ, who are looking to replicate the RHS Chinese Model. It is reviewed as one of the most successful programs in NJ.

No Class: 4/14


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