Protecting your Money in the Markets


Investment experts sound good, look good and post impressive credentials and investment returns.

Are they for real? This seminar will navigate through some of the smoke, mirrors and myths used by Wall Street. Topics will include:

 - Stock picking (or should we really try?)                                                

- Earnings & earnings growth (does it matter?)  

- Performance numbers (can numbers count?) 

- Behavior finance (call in Super Nanny)  

- Expert advice (or don’t try this at home)

This class is the first in a series and for anyone who wonders why everyone else makes money in the markets, but not them (maybe they don’t).    


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Santa Clara Adult Education
Room D6
18 - &up Godwin 9/17 - 9/17 Tu 06:30 PM - 09:00 PM $30.00 View