Optimizing Your Portfolio with Technical Analysis


Fundamentals tell you what to buy.  Technical analysis tells you when to buy it.  

Herd behavior drives the stock market.  

Technical analysis is a subset of Behavior Economics and is therefore a tool for monitoring the herd.  

Topics will include:  

 - The linkage between herd behavior and price performance (when is the herd wrong?).  

- More on interest rates and the stock market (C.C.S. Model).  

- Monitoring the herd with anecdotal evidence.     

- Money moves stock prices (How we monitor money flows).    

- Monitoring the major market trends with Breadth Indicators (McClellan Summation, Tick and Tick Q).   

This class is third in a series and will sharpen your vision and thinking with regards to what drives the markets. You will discover the tools needed to execute and survive in the markets ahead.    


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