DSLR Camera I


Get out of the auto mode and get the most out of your DSLR Camera. Switching from film or diving into digital photography with a digital SLR camera can be a daunting leap. The terminology alone can be like learning another language. This course is for photographers with little or no experience with today’s Digital SLR cameras. Participants will advance past auto and into the buttons and menus that surround the camera inside and out. With hands-on your camera you will use various focus modes, change white balance and ISO, override the flash and discover the possibilities of your camera while gaining a deeper understanding of Program mode and camera presets. Participants will find out how, when and where to change the settings on their DSLR camera. Along the way, you will receive tips on composition and how to prepare for photo opportunities. This class focuses on the camera and camera settings. Bring your camera, camera manual, and charged camera batteries to class.

Materials Fee $5 payable to instructor. Class is hands-on learning with a professional photographer.

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