DSLR Camera II


Get out of auto and get the most of your DSLR Camera. DSLR II takes the photographer into the world of shutter speed and aperture exposure modes. Learn how to stop action, blur motion, and purposefully create crisp or fuzzy backgrounds in your photographs. This class starts your path to understanding how to configure camera settings to get the shots you want. You will use your camera in hands-on exercises to learn these advanced exposure modes.

Come find out which lens is right for your style of photography and where to buy and rent photographic equipment. Get tips for composition, lighting and exposure from a professional photographer. This class is focused on the camera.

Bring your camera, manual, tripod (if you have one), questions and charged batteries to class for hands-on experience in shutter and aperture.

Materials Fee $5 payable to instructor.

Additional Information

About the Instructor: Noella Vigeant is a professional portrait photographer, specializing in commercial and portrait photography. Noella started as a hobbiest photographing family and places around the world for over 25 years. Noella is an artist and mother with a passion for preserving memories through photography. See her work at her Web site: www.noellavigeantphotography.com

Prerequisites: DSLR Camera I


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