Office Skills Computer Lab


Office Skills Computer Lab

• Are held in the computer lab, Room K2.
• Have many subjects going on at the same time; therefore, it is self-paced with no lecture. If you need assistance, there is an instructor in the room to help you.
• You may start this class anytime during the term as long as there is space available in the class.
• If you have completed all the computer applications you are interested in and wish to leave before the end of term, you may do so.


Textbook List

 Textbooks are required on the first day of class.

Fee: There is one flat rate ($69) for each class, regardless of when you start or end during the term.

Classes are held on the following days/times:

MW 10am-12pm

MW 12:30-2:30pm

MW 6pm-8pm

TTh 6pm-8pm



Additional Information


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