Night Photography


Shoot the moon and catch a star with this hands-on Night Photography class. After dark is an awe-some experience with today’s Digital SLR cameras.

This course explores the camera settings for long exposures in low light. Class includes 2 unique off-site shoots to photograph in twilight, blue light, and lights about town. Weather permitting we’ll shoot the full moon as it rises over the hills.

On campus hands-on classes explore low light, existing light and light painting. Bring your camera, manual(s),tripod (if you have one), imagination and questions to class for hands-on low light and no light photography experience.

Materials fee $10 payable first class.

Prerequisite: DSLR1 or equivalent knowledge.

No Class: 10/30


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Santa Clara Adult Education
Room F7
18 - &up Vigeant 11/26 - 12/17 Tu 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM $150.00 View