Yoga- For Body, Mind, Intellect & Soul


Ancient Indian Yoga techniques have potential to keep anatomical, physiological and psychological functions of human body effective along with contentment of senses, mind and soul all the time.

Systematic learning and regular practice of yoga postures (Asana), breathing regulation and control (Pranayama), Meditation (Blissful state of mind), Blissful sleep with awareness (Yoga Niddra) under the guidance of experienced Yoga Teacher will result in improvement of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The teacher holds a master degree in Yoga, has several years of experience in performing and teaching Yoga, is a certified Yoga teacher from 2 universities and has international recognition in Yoga and psychotherapy.

Class objectives are: Restoring,maintaining and promoting health; Controlling hypertension, diabetes, backache, insomnia, obesity, arthritis;Improvement in flexibility, toning of muscles and weight loss; Stress management; Integration of body, mind and soul.

All levels welcome.

Bring your own mat to class.

No Class: 9/3.


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