Tax Free Retirement Planning


Are you aware of the devastating impact that the taxes can do to your retirement income? This class will show you how to transform your retirement and protect it from the impact of taxes.

A truly proven and dispensable concept and strategy to get to tax-free retirement. It will empower you to rescue your financial future and security from the looming threat of taxes. With just a little bit of proactive planning, you can insulate yourself from the threat of taxes by creating a totally tax-free retirement.

This class is a must for anyone interested in maximizing their retirement income. It will give you a clear and concise road map to greater predictability,control and peace of mind in retirement.

The Instructor, Hendra Soeleman, PhD., is a Financial Professional and a Tax-Free Retirement Income Specialist. He earned his degree from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering. After many years in high-tech industry, he transitioned full-time into the financial field. Hendra has been serving clients since 2016. He enjoys educating his clients about how money works and helping them attain their financial goals. Please call (or mail in) for couples registration 423-3500. Singles may register on-line (


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