Natural Science

Astrophysics for Everyone

When you gaze up at the night sky is your sense of awe met with a desire to understand what you are seeing? What exactly are those celestial bodies? Do they move? Are they shrinking or expanding?Are they alive? Why do they appear as points of light to us? How does one actually study and measure such far away objects?

Astrophysics for Everyone is a class that delves into the underlying structure and forces that make up the Universe.This non-technical class begins with the role of matter and energy in the formation of the elegant Universe. We learn how clouds of gases and dust give rise to stars, planets and solar systems. Particular attention is paid to the Sun: how is it powered? and how it will eventually die.

Additional topics include the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe, the power of gravity, how we search for exoplanets that we’re finding almost every day,galaxies, black holes, supernovae, dark matter and energy. The course concludes with current theories about the multiverse and the “Theory of Every-thing”. Questions: [email protected]

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